Ioannis G. Tsatsaris – The Next Step of Creation. The Revelation

The book by Ioannis G. Tsatsaris “The Next Step of Creation. The Revelation” was first published in Greek in 2002 . The success of this book led to its translation into English which was released by Epistos Publications in 2007.




This introduction to the book’s contents was written with the intention of facilitating things for the reader so that he might arrive at a point where he could understand the material being revealed to him, its central core and elements surrounding it, with all their multifarious conceptualizations; so that he is introduced to a broad intellectual perception, and he acquires that ability which we could call “automatic perception” in the life of the various levels of the planet Earth as well as to elementate thoughts about his course in the hereafter within him.

For this reason I will try to facilitate these writings for the individual, so that he will be introduced – if, naturally, he so desires – to those perceptions which will bring him to a state of intellectual stability such that, after his departure, his life will follow various courses on the basis of the biological placement that he formed here, so that he finds himself either in an isometric equilibrium, or in a state of inequality in his biological composition which does not stabilize isometric courses for him. When we talk about isometric courses, we mean that pluses and minuses are adjusted in their position according to the moment in time when the individual is found in his social relations, preventing the Unconscious from leading him to one-sided demands.

In other words, I am trying to open up the exit point, so that the individual can pass toward the “outside” with his intellectual placement, having previously stabilized within him a perception of the meaning of life, a life that will continue within the infinity of his courses. This does not mean that I provide man with an orientation for the life hereafter, pushing him to neglect things here, for that would be a big mistake. The revelation about the continuation of life beyond the Earth should motivate man to be active here. For here on Earth, man is called upon to labor and perform. And if he does not perform his pluses, he will fall victim to the minuses. And then he will make incorrigible mistakes. This is why he is called upon to be very industrious about things here as well as there. For if he cares only about the here and now, he will lose both the here and the thereafter….

And here I must tell you that my initiative is individual and mine alone, and no Law of Our Father the Creator obliges me to undertake it. I write this book in order to give an answer to many ill-willed persons who learned about me, a few of whom who even read my book The Revelation after Ioannis, and without checking whether what I offer to man really has binding intentions for creating followers, rushed to denigrate my name contemptuously. However, their demeanor demonstrates that they have sworn an oath to their Unconscious not to permit their Conscience to send a message that would tell them to look after their individual interest, which is spiritual evolution, the only kind that is entitled to ask the New Age to accept the individual in its domains for the higher journeys of light and of life here, as well as of the hereafter. There are organized systems called religions, which, without determining it clearly, lead man to await life after death. They extend that expectation to everyone, encouraging them to await that moment, which in turn means that man should be passive during the course of his life here. This, however, is a great error and very damaging for the course of manÀs life, for all those who inertly await life hereafter enter into the western side of the universal Law-command which means bondage and a life course filled with many pressures….

But neither should man roughly and hastily create the rational placement that, after leaving here, no matter what he has done, he will go to the “land of angels”, something which many proclaim in their various statements, principally when someone well-known dies. Such things do not happen. For that would mean that no justice exists in the universes and that anyone can create his own Laws according to his personal unconscious desire!! However, justice is an inviolable rule, which maintains its individuality in such integrity that it is not touched even by Our Father the Creator. For when Our Father the Creator allowed Himself to manifest Himself outwards and let Creation take place, He set down Laws so that they would function without being influenced, and He eliminated His individual right to influence them Himself. My effort in this book, which special individual desires of mine determined that I should write, is to introduce you very summarily to the meaning of Creation. For this reason I shall try to write down for you the basic principles which man must strive to learn – if, of course, he wishes to – revealing the entire reality of natural creation in various chapters, as well as how man can be misled, become entangled by the Unconscious and continuously fall into error. Something which forms an uncertain future in him, too.

In my opinion everybody should read this book, for it reveals to them the rights they have in their course, so that if they use them, the Anti-Lawful principle will not be able to lead them to its binding infernal desires. Here on Earth, on the basis of the Law of individual evolution, you are called upon to look within earthly matters and, at the same time, to observe their results, so that afterwards you can feel the need to see how the universes function under the Laws affirmed by Our Father the Creator. In this book I state, according to my neutral perception, how Creation began. How Our Father released a great part of His organic power and emitted it outwards, creating universes with cosmic Hierarchies. And how, in order for these cosmic universes to remain in stabilization, He set in place the bipolar position called Lawfulness and Anti-Lawfulness and from there ordained that they co-exist as collaborators of Creation and that each pursue in its individual position its rights in the unfolding Creation, which is also called Nature. Finally, I answer the question whether anyone can see Our Father the Creator of all things or other great universal Hierarchies, in order to prevent the Unconscious in each person from posing that question.

I wish likewise to emphasize the following serious point to you: all of you may find yourselves in a somewhat difficult position when reading the book, for these revelations have never been conceived in their Hierarchies before by anyone, so that he might write them down and offer them to people on Earth. Thus this revelation may present some difficulty in its understanding. For this reason you must study the book, which will lead you to “higher knowledge”, and not simply read it. Likewise, perhaps you will notice that I repeat certain characterizations about the Unconscious many times throughout the book. This I emphasize solely for you to understand whom the principal disturber of man’s life here on Earth is – who creates the minuses, something which means that man will incur losses in his psychosomatic balance. As for the great revelation which I am making here, I tell you, do not be surprised, for the Earth belongs to the eco-system of Our Father the Creator of all things and Our Father could never fail to do what He ordained from the beginning for His Creation, in other words, to offer lower cosmic orders of humans help so that they might begin to perceive Creation, and by seizing that opportunity, those people would know how to progress in order to rise to the Higher universes. By offering us this, He presents us with His great benevolence….

But you will no doubt say to me “and you, how do you know all these things?” Do not ask this, for you will never learn. Take what you can use and have need of, and proceed in life, leaving the unseen stranger to continue on his path….


I would hereby like to report to you that, as defined by my personal understanding, all the systematic writing which I present to you in my book has been designed to be revealed by a functional state of the New Age. Now, why me and not somebody else, is something that only the New Age knows and not the person who reveals it. This is because every Age is defined as an individual nucleus which seeks to provide the answer to the question as to whether worldly creations that have been made are beneficial or whether they are harmful for humans. Neither should anybody wonder, nor should they set any competitive desire in motion to react internally because of the revelations I make. All these have been assigned to be transcribed by me, in order that they enter into the perception of those who truly wish to learn the causes of the events that happen.

Of course the Age wants to show humans on Earth that their efforts might have been great, but that Anti-Lawfulness managed to change their chosen path and to activate them into another outcome. And this outcome, when it develops along the wrong path, produces the situation which is happening nowadays and – I am telling you – will happen even more in future. Therefore, if man is not cautious in choosing the way which he follows in order to reach various outcomes that he defined will re-establish life in an illusion of wholeness, then this mistake will lead him towards his fall and his psychosomatic position will be irreversibly disturbed towards the Lower Universes….

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