Ioannis G. Tsatsaris – Man on his Unknown Course. The Revelation

The book by Ioannis G. Tsatsaris “Man on his Unknown Course. The Revelation” was first published in Greek in 2005 . The success of this book led to its translation into english which was released by Epistos Publications in 2007.


Ever motivated by my inner pulsations of emotive consciousness, I am once again in a position to write the words of introduction to a book, which is of major importance for those who truly desire to protect themselves from the descents brought about by the special Anti-Lawful elements in this planet. I wrote this book because I wished to complete a trilogy of writings that would present the functional biosynthesis of Creation, as well as the individual bio-functional course of this planetary system, analysing how the endo-correlated positions of the Anti-Lawful and Lawful operate as they form their efficaciousness upon the effect of their apostolic position. I say ‘apostolic position’ because both the Anti-Lawful and the Lawful are equally apostolic. However, in the spaces of the Intermediate Universe to which the Earth also belongs, the Anti-Lawful is in the lead and the Lawful in resistance-defensiveness.

In this book I reveal how the invisible domination of the unconscious operates, for what reason, and which are its functional results that it produces. For man has never reached the perception that would help him approach those curious functional situations that form his sensory space in such a manner that he desires and wants, without however knowing under which rules ‘desiring’ and ‘wanting’ are classified and what they are able to determine for him as an individual course. This writing refers to the mystic state of the Lawful – but principally to the Anti-Lawful – Principle, whose goal is to function mystically but without holding a stable place inside a functional programme. The Anti-Lawful mystic Order is a constantly mutating natural function whose principle is to dominate upon the biogenic fields and bring mankind to adverse future courses where they will experience the fall to fields of lower or lowest biological functionality. It must be noted that from the time when writing set out as the transmission of wisdom – something the ancient Greeks as well as other peoples had planned for ahead by a desire to learn – they are a multitude who have tried to speak of some of their conclusions on life’s truth. They were however not able to approach the essential state of the Earth’s invisible mystic nature nor were they able to perceive how it sets out and presents its creation – that called ‘man’ – nor any of the other created elements of animated life. No-one was able to perceive that whereas all the other animated elements of the planet are locationally generated, man is trans-generated. He is always trans-generated to other areas, other parts and other positions of levels of the Universe.

By reason of this natural functionality of man to enter into functions of great passages in order to bring about an evolutionary state in his course, with a view to ascend to higher biological compositions – called ‘Higher Universes’ – mankind has taken on a major burden of mission. When man succeeds, however, he will most certainly deserve to enjoy precisely what the Intermediate Universes cannot even approach. I am speaking of a simple approach and not of complete co-generation for from the moment of being generated and becoming life-animated, man will have to pass through a human biological line-up – that of his parents – will bear the burden of the charged passive states of his forebears, plus his own apostolic positioning which he must bring to completion as his mission. He is thus burdened with the complex-ridden states of his ancestors, has the atmospheric formation of Anti-Lawful Principle ruling the planet and must moreover carry out his mission. And no mission is a simple melody. It is very serious work since he who undertakes it must enter into special functional states in order to deal with issues that come under and are produced through Anti-Lawful nature. If, therefore, man has the upward mobility, if he is capable of overcoming all the obstacles of Anti-Lawful nature, then the dignitary will be he who is chosen to enter the Higher Universes and, from there, he will gradually also accede to governing positions which – for the Intermediate Universes – will always be defined as Principals and not as ordinary mortals of transmutation and realignment.

I have tried in this book to reveal the mystic state of the Anti-Lawful nature which is the progenitor of the position named ‘unconscious’ within every individual. The unconscious is not an individual factor that we can see as materialized or stabilized. The unconscious is an ethereal composition of Anti-Lawful nature’s biological functioning that penetrates our biological state as a functional ethereal and material element in order to determine oppositions within us.  If we are not careful it will easily fetter us under the domination of illusions. To be able to have expansionist positioning and an absorbent effect upon man, it forms its influence and tutelage upon man’s senses. The senses, to which the unconscious reverts as a rule in order to entangle them, to fetter them and absorb them under its own position, are four: touch, taste, vision and hearing. The other senses coexist in these as well as their co-products. The unconscious in this way forms an organism functioning beneath man’s efforts to develop, to be created, to create and to appear to the world as someone of value.

Nevertheless, for the Anti-Lawful Order to succeed in its task, the Highest Authority of Creation has given it 20 percent of the truth to project to man, for man to believe that this 20 percent — or part of it – that he hears from others or himself observes is precisely as he perceives it. He is convinced that what is to follow or what is manifested is precisely as it appears. Within this 5, or 10, or 20 percent of the truth that man tried to know or knows, the Anti-Lawful Order embroils it own percentage, forming a whole in a representational presentation in the individual, which is in essence illusionary. The unconscious compiles and biologises the person under its persuasion of the emotive feeling arising before this representational imagery. As the person’s senses are energised by the emotive state of the persuasion of the unconscious, the individual forms his initiatives, his pleasures, his desirabilities, as well as a plan in order to operate it. Indeed, he believes that by doing all this he will feel successful. He does not, however, define an effort oriented to some result of essence which lends him perception and foresight for his course. He is in this way enchained to the quest for ‘successes’, and on encountering failure, he will attribute the guilt to others. All this work in which the unconscious engages – such a difficult concept — can in no way be conceived by the human perception nor be wholly observed in its functional and mobile condition. A portion only may be perceived, and that solely if the person is observant of the results of his every choice. This functional unconscious state has an immeasurable influence upon humanity. Man has in this way created many thematological functionalities about the determination of his life, his sacred elements, his so-called ‘godliness’ and much more, which he believes will render him the completion and success of his mission, with such certainty that although he fails conspicuously he thinks he has succeeded and will proceed to the Higher Heavens. However, only when he has left this place will he see that it is not the case. For, while he is here he has no possibility of observing where, on leaving, those go whose works appear better than his own.

If man had the possibility of observing where others end up, he would then be able to see which the factors are that cause him to sense the appearence of truth and not the essential truth of things, with the result that he is always judging others but not himself. It is therefore easy to see how mankind does not have the possibilities to enter into these functional positions. This is due to the two institutional factors acting upon his functional state, and they are the ethereal and the material status of that supreme craftsmanship which is called ‘biological bodily order’. Both statuses have a pulsating vocal position. Their pulsating functional expression is a tongue that man will never be able to comprehend. He can only observe some of its mechanisms but it is as a rule a tongue that sets the terms for and expresses the passivity of man’s experiential element that follows him in his whole effort, expressing its results. There are certain revelations in this book, which I think all people should study in case when they are comprehended the functionality of the Anti-Lawful will be noticed and the proper measures be taken in order at least to reduce the fetters it has chained them with by means of the unconscious. They will thus be able to enter into those rules which will permit them to function in control of the Anti-Lawful Order too, as a factor of biological order needed by man and, at the same time, also the search of the meaning in the areas of the Anti-Lawful Principle in order to present themselves as those who are not entirely fettered by it. In this way man will operate what the ancient Greeks called ‘moderation in all things’, that is to say he will create a relation of essence with the space of the Earth.

For if he cuts off his relation with the space, then the space will cut him off. This relation with the space could help man – by manoeuvring and with an effort of human desire — to have relations of sociability with the others, to have movements of approach and, concurrently, to serve his own psycho-spiritual requirements, the only ones that determine a course for the improvement of his position here as well as in his next step hereafter. But at the same time he will not be in opposition to the Anti-Lawful Order. For if man finds himself in opposition with the ruler of this space, he downgrades his position, he is restricted to a place of enmity against the Anti-Lawful Order. And in this way finds himself fettered by the Anti-Lawful clash. There, the only sure thing is that he will make mistakes, for whoever believes he can conflict with the Anti-Lawful position, without realising it is entangled and bound by the Anti-Lawful element in conflicts of difference and he disarms his capacity to become an evolving person in the spaces of the spirit. This is besides the task of the unconscious: to form this very finely crafted relation of clashes, in which everybody feels they are right and consequently the others should be punished! Unfortunately however, where man administers punishment to others in the end he himself is punished by his own acts. Learn, therefore, that the individual unconscious position here in the Intermediate Universes is not vanquished. It is overtaken. You will find all this analysed in detail in this book. You need however to exercise great care in order to pinpoint and retain the titles that you operate within yourselves. If you manage to retain them you will then be able to place yourselves as observers in the movement of life and control your every desire and action, so as not to reach extremes. Extremes, because they belong to the Anti-Lawful Order are always harmful.

I offer you this writing as a very special subject concerning you. If you have the capacity to focus with your emotive condition and develop a little sentiment for your essential self, your position and your farther future, you are then obliged to show this love toward yourself first and then toward others and, at the same time, rid yourself of the feeling of finding that the fault lies in the others. And you will be maintained by that higher element called ‘the soul’, as people trying to fulfil their mission with a modest humility as well as with the wish not to be fettered by the Anti-Lawful desires burdening man with that great weight which forbids his ever entering the Higher Universes. Also do not believe those who say that upon departing from here they go to the ‘Divine Heavens’. Those are figments of illusory desirable imagination… The events of our era demonstrate to us certain suspicious signs of the times, testifying that things have changed here on Earth. Everybody believes that our ‘civilization’ is the greatest there has ever been in the history of mankind, since it produced the greatest ‘successes’ in man’s course. This is what they believe. However, they do not see that they have been entangled in other speeds – those that cultural technologies develop – and all that leads man to be running all the time without rest, forgetting to observe his self which might protect him from the traps and leaving it instead unprotected, so that, hastening with the dizzying ‘modernized’ speeds he ends up in the chasm. You should therefore be careful because the present era has speeds different from what it once had. It is these that brought us to the wish at all costs to preserve the body and rescue it from death, with offerings to it only and not to the psyche. These offerings, however, cannot save it and the body is worn out, when we leave, remaining here on Earth. It never becomes our possession, for the rule of the Anti-Lawful Order does not determine possession upon the Earth. The rule of the Anti-Lawful Order grants no rights of sovereignty.

You can notice that also in biological medicine, which shows us the daily deterioration and death of cells until the daily death of man. And you can also notice it in the results of diverse incidents (illness, accidents etc.) which happen to people every day. One of the most important matters worthy of note is this: the rule of the biological principle of this planetary system – which belongs to the Intermediate Universes – never defined anywhere how long a person shall live. Man, of course, likes to define certain determinations for the length of life, but in the end the results are different for many. It is my opinion that it would be good to tread some steps circulating around in the cycle of your biological condition and observe the pros and cons that the unconscious shapes in you. You will in that way also have a very pleasant occupation when, in essence feeling the joy it can give, you will revise a great number of things in you. I myself have very often trodden these steps around in myself and this is why I experience absolute restoration in the spaces of this system here.

You should therefore be careful, for the signs of the times have signalled their presence and, if you do not take care and do not interpret them correctly, you will find yourself far from the ascendant course you must follow hereafter, you will be biologised at very low levels of universe. Down there, there are such functions that when man meets them and experiences their infinite pain he will say “it were better to have been deprived of everything when I was on Earth rather than be captive down here and have missed my opportunity”.

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