Ioannis G. Tsatsaris – Sensogonies. The Revelation

The book by Ioannis G. Tsatsaris “Sensogonies. The Revelation” was first published in Greek in 2006 . The book is not yet available in English.




The subjects I have enlarged upon in this book are in my opinion of great importance for someone living on this Earth to know about, so that he or she may penetrate to the meaning of life, the meaning of Creation and also to the meaning of his everlasting routes in the universes. What I attempted was to reveal the relation between Nature and Man.  I set out initially to make certain elementary references in order to present our solar system as an introduction, to enable us to be inducted into the natural system of our planet, the reason being that I consider it indispensable that human beings should be cognizant of certain issues that directly concern them as well as of the space wherein they dwell. In the past, very many references have been made in this subject by some people. I noticed however that they did not approach the reality of our space as it is exactly. And although they have a concept only of the parametric states of the subjects they research, they nevertheless place them and present them as were they the main issues. But the parametric state –as you will see from my analysis in this book– is in the main a negative factor.

The people of the Earth have however not comprehended the meaning of ‘negative’ and ‘positive’, the meaning of ‘Creation’. These are not simple matters, to be sure, but people’s efforts ought always to be turned to comprehension of these vast notions, because these are their future. As long as a human being has a present and a future -the past, that is to say his origins, he neither knows nor is he likely to know it unless he does not previously evolve at levels of very particular perceptions of the spirit- he will necessarily have to battle in order to penetrate the essential perceptions of life. Unfortunately the so-called ‘spiritual persons’ of the Earth, in the way they define what they say about life’s issues do not present us with anything of essence to increase our knowledge of the present nor of the future. All they give us are skin-deep illusions, keeping us tied to them until comes the moment of our departure hence and we discover that we have wasted all the time we were granted as the opportunity to learn what we should know, in order that, progressing to the next stage of our course, we should be prepared for the novelties we will come across then. In this book I try to introduce the reader to the essential positions of Nature so that his or her perception should gradually evolve and thence they be ushered into the paths of the spirit, there where the truth of essence regarding life will be manifested to you; useful knowledge, not only of your presence here but also for your next step…

I have tried, through Nature’s Rule, to reveal the unconscious and the conscious; to demonstrate how the negative functions and why; which is Creation’s Legal Provision directing it, while at the same time I expound on Man’s bodily formation, revealing that he is an element produced by Nature, through which he is created and formed and his individual presence is completed. In there, inside this organic fashioning, certain secret interior states are at work so as to produce in the human being a perception of things, and maybe to succeed in leading him or her to what is known as ‘perception by the spirit’. Do not be fooled: there can be no perception by the spirit if a person does not first know why the present of his life is the way it is, why both the negative, as well as the positive, exists and is at work within him. You may ask yourself why the book’s first reference is to Sensogonies. If you were able to enter into the Nature that operates as organic energy you would also be able to come to Man’s biological Nature and see precisely how his organism operates: everything there is delineated with mathematical and geometrical order, passing through the biogenies of the stages and sub-stations of organicity so as to find itself at all times prepared for the next organic move. This is also where the ‘organo-functional vacancies’ may emerge in the individual’s organism.

What I call ‘vacancies’ are in essence the intervention of the Anti-Lawful principle. It intervenes in the biogeneseses which in an organism innumerably contribute daily to bring about vacancies so that in this way a person is unable to follow the physiological rate of time’s speed in his or her life and instead stays behind, while in him other, parametric, speeds intervene from the outside, overpowering him and breaking up the continuity of the speeds of organic time he or she requires to develop their perception about the essential issues of life. In any case, this is precisely the work Anti-Lawfulness does: to reduce the speed of the time of a person’s thought so that that person loses those urgent and necessary points of time that present themselves and then finds him or herself in a confused state which gradually removes all hope of any present or future evolution.  I try to show you in my book all the impetuous and impulsive states of mankind, which appear as a functional activity through the endocrine, nervous and circulatory system, together with all the other contributory elements for the production of the state of a person’s presence here.  You will come across a great many references about the psychological make-up and psycho-bondage of human functioning: how it functions, why it functions this way and what the outcome is, such as the appearance of diverse illnesses. I could say that the appearance of all illness has its source in a psycho-fragmentary function to which a human being is prone during his life time here.

Naturally, to understand exactly what I am saying a little more thought is needed. How could an illness not occur when we attach ourselves one-sidedly to things and are mostly occupied with the skin-deep aspect of our personal state, forming thereon our belief that we shall find our skin-deep pleasure, what we call ‘happiness’, that we shall enjoy glorification and that we will also have immortality? On the contrary, neither do we enjoy glorification nor do we find glory nor does immortality ever come near us. For the skin-deep is a material element of Nature upon which the senses establish themselves. The work of the unconscious is to be able to influence the senses and to direct them. They in turn, being directed by the unconscious, will form certain techno-figurative elements in front of us in which we will believe as if they were real, but they will always lead us astray, to a fall, and to results deleterious to us. I have tried to reveal to you in what I have written what Man’s position is in the Intermediate universes and especially here on Earth, where there is a very different system of Natural Law dominated by organo-elemental combinations disarranged by the negative. It would be good to study this book several times in order to develop your perception, so that if you are a child to see how you should follow your future route; if you are a young adult, to see what you should prefer and what reject; if you are adults of any age for it to give you the opportunity to learn what you need in order to stop the worst of your course and proceed to the best.

If furthermore you are married, for you to comprehend how to function with your companion, that is to say to understand that you have to proceed as partners, loving, and as friends. For only then, when you decide to have children, will you have the chance to remember how the necessities were presented to you yourselves as a child, when you sought something but your parents did not understand and tried, from their adult position to place you where they thought best, ever based on their own subjective perception as to human success.  There is however a great difference. Parents have the inner sensory-organic place of their age. Children, who are much younger, have an entirely different inner position because, you see, life does not present positions of a particular age alone. Life was created to develop a human being inductively to live in a different organic, biological and psychological world. Unfortunately though, human beings were unable to develop a relation between the world of the little child and the world of adults. And in the end this one-sided situation has been generally accepted by all, in which the elder tells the younger what to do and the younger is obliged to obey! However, according to the term ‘submission’ the differences between them are also formed through certain procedures of the sensorial/biological system of a person. How does this come about? Every occurrence of the adults’ attempt to subordinate and direct a child are recorded in an inner order in the child and, through the stages of growing up, during the years of the need for social relationships, the incidents of obligatory submission which their elders at some time imposed are manifested in the person, although in a form he or she is unable to place precisely as to its time. These are captured by the senses submitted to the unconscious and bring about the tendency in a person to dispute and to blame others. These differences shape the prerequisites for all we see around us nowadays as well as much more we do not see. From being a personal matter, the differences we developed in the past gradually come to be of a social nature. This is why we reach a point where on the one hand we speak of love but on the other in ourselves are dominantly guided by our differences with others. This is where envy among beings is born and grows. From an initially personal issue it may develop as far as to become international. We could call this ‘psycho-genetic’. But to my mind they are not ‘psycho-genetic’ and are instead ‘senso-genetic of the unconscious’. It is they that form the state of the life of the inhabitants of the Earth, which you can easily observe around you.

Also when reading history, with the differences between groups, nations, states, massacres and wars, you can ascertain that there has almost never been a human being on Earth with a completed perception that could result in benefits of essence for his descendants. My opinion is that the optimum benefit for a person is to develop his perception in such a way as to be able to see things exactly as they really are and not to proceed with hypothetical phantom desires, babbling as he floats above the issues and, eventually in the end reaching a functioning in himself in an almost erroneous condition that will never bring him the desired happiness of life.  It is advisable for a person to study these revelations with particular attention, bearing in mind that first, the author of the book became the observer of all inhabitants of Earth, having travelled to many countries of the planet, before deciding to write books. Furthermore his perception is not that of a short-lived skin-deep influence but the outcome of observations from, over, and through the years of observing the history of the people of the Earth.


In this book Ioannis G. Tsatsaris delivers to us a portion of his special knowledge about the sensogonic functionality of the human being, which he is certain to be the greatest secret of the being’s hidden unconscious functionality as well as the key opening all knowledge. Thousands of years after Socrates’s saying “know thyself”, Ioannis comes to assist in this precisely: to search for and acquire in ourselves the prerequisite for every extant knowledge, that is knowledge of oneself. Ioannis G. Tsatsaris believes that Gnosis, knowledge that is of all that surrounds us or whatever we contain in our innermost is ready to open to us as long as we learn how to obviate the obstacles.

The sole obstacle to man’s development is the interventions of the unconscious in every function or manifestation of his existence. For these interventions, the unconscious mobilizes the senses, which are organic peculiarities of propensity and energy, initially without a master. How do these entities operate? Which peculiarities evolve under the influence of the unconscious? What leads the unsuspecting human to do, to believe, to be? Once again the writer Ioannis G. Tsatsaris has a Revelation for us of a kind that has never before been seen in the known psychoanalytical, neurophysiological, genetic or researches of physics and chemistry of mankind throughout all the ages. Dedicated solely to the bold in research, this book answers in totality and in a unique manner to the question ‘Man’, solving for the first time the riddle of the Sphinx…

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