Ioannis G. Tsatsaris – ΤΗΕ Knowledge. Revelation

The book by Ioannis G. Tsatsaris “Sensogonies. The Revelation” was first published in Greek in 2009. The book is not yet available in English.


The Knowledge (I GNOSI)  The Foundation and processing by the intellect of the basis of the principle of Knowledge (Gnosis = Knowledge of existential mysteries)  I Gnosi is a productive travelogue series of cyclical courses that are not classified together with isolated perceptions destined for separate sectors. It is the ALL of generative production in the infinite past, the infinite present and the infinite future. Only when, upon entering these cyclical courses as a traveller, will you then be able to be considered a co-existentialist Gnostic with knowledge of your routes. And at all times in this way will you be led to the redemption of the findings of life, which is additionally the integrality of essential happiness.

Gnosis (The Knowledge) is a mechanism of operation within each individual giving him the capacity to travel within Creation, not necessarily with his material body but with the order of his mind, his intellect. Essential Knowledge brings the individual to the combination of co-elementations of each sector of which he wishes to be cognizant. It additionally beautifully leads him to self knowledge.  We habitually refer impulsively to the Soul. We do not take into account that the Soul finds itself in a constructed body, with its multifaceted ramifications and geometrical composites, in their totality forming an organicity. Within this organicity consisting of multiple combinations, manifestly and by standardization, man has given diverse different labels to the elements constituting the whole. He has however in essence named only what is in very rough form apparent to his eyes. This is because man has never penetrated into the functionality of each element as plus / minus, in order to enable him to reach a conclusion as to the mission of organic function.

The word ‘missionary’ (in the sense of apostolic) is the principal point of one’s organicity to which mankind should give a label and a formal place in everyday thinking. What is organicity? Wherefore is it? What does it do and why, and what happens to all this movemented operation when the Soul quits the body? This body that is subsequently classified for the finalization of his earthly cycle and for its presence to become subsumed into its genetic originating elements.  In essence, Gnosis (Knowledge) is what will give man his proper place amidst all these perceptions, leading him to his particular interests that determine him for ever in the infinite future within the universes. He will be able from this point to trace the principal route of his life, being at the same time in awareness of his presence here for himself as well as to have the knowledge of all of Nature’s created elements and co-elementation.

It would for this reason be advisable for every person to adhere to the Rule of the Quest, so as to be given that beneficial mechanistical power that will orient them to discovery of their Soul’s morpho-aesthetic life. They will then mount its immortal chariot and proceed on their everlasting courses in the universe.

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